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“The Fairway” was originally the rather grand home of the head green keeper at the Trearddur Bay Golf Course. Built upon the highest point in the Bay, it gave its owner magnificent views over the Snowdon mountains to the east, the Lleyn Peninsula to the south, the Irish Sea to the west, and the final fairway of the course.
Subsequent housing development may have denied more recent residents a view of the golf course, but they still have the best views of the mountains and sea.
Following a brief period when it was a small country hotel, “The Fairway” became simply “Fairways” in 1984 when the local health visitor opened the island’s first nursing home. Since then Fairways has offered care to more than 500 local families when they needed it most.
Fairways can cater for up to 40 elderly clients at any one point in time, and in its most recent customer satisfaction survey, 90% of respondents rated the care clients receive as very good or excellent!
Trearddur Bay
Isle of Anglesey
LL65 2UD
Tel: 01407 860 930
Fax: 01407 860 637
e-mail: info@fairways.org.uk