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Design features and technical wizardry – Glyn Menai

The planning of Glyn Menai began in 2003, but it didnt open until 2008. During that time the design had been through many iterations and alterations guided in the main by Prof Bob Woods of the Dementia Services Development Centre at the University of Bangor. Since then the Dwynwen and Tryfan households have had repeated makeovers and refurbishments.

The original smart, but possibly slightly clinical look has been superseded by a far more vibrant, living theme. Eye deceiving Trompe loeil paintings now adorn walls to provide mock shops, disguise doorways clients dont use, and add a sense of residents previous lived experience. Colours are brighter and clouds float across ceilings.

All areas of Glyn Menai have Wi-Fi coverage and staff utilise tablet PCs to record both the nursing needs and daily activities of clients. (For details click on the CareSys button.) These same tablets can also access the full support of the internet. YouTube videos of times past, archive photographs of the village a resident grew up in, and of course the individual Book of You that is available to all residents (for details click that button).

Currently Glyn Menai is at the cutting edge of technological support for dementia.