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Career Opportunities at Ty Cariad

We intend Ty Cariad to be the best dementia care environment anywhere in the Conwy/Rhyl area. Its four households already benefit from some of the best design input and hi-tech gadgetry available. It is the care it provides however that will ensure its reputation.
For this to be true we take a rather different approach to recruitment. We do not insist on experience for example. We are looking for APTITUDE more than time served. We care more about your ATTITUDE than where you have worked before.

To have an idea of the kind of approach we adopt, take a look at this clip

Our Philosophy

As to the positions we are looking to fill they include:

Trained nurses:

Ty Cariad is a nursing home and that means that we need nursing staff on duty 24 hours a day. Our nurses are supported by excellent carer staffing levels, but they are the people responsible for ensuring the high quality care residents receive. We are fortunate to have a a very stable, committed team, but inevitably vacancies do occur from time to time. If you are an enthusiastic, skilled, ‘glass-half-full’ kind of nurse then get in touch. We may have just the job for you.

Our nurses will automatically be told, by intelligent sensors, when a resident gets out of bed. They will be supported by computerised care planning systems reporting to handheld tablet PC’s. They will lead a care approach that has been described as having ‘revolutionised the culture of care’ in dementia. And they will work in a dementia environment designed with input from some of the principal experts in the field.

Care Staff and Domestic Staff:

Are you the kind of person who wears their heart on their sleeve? Are you a natural talker, a person who just loves to know what makes other people tick? The kind of person friends claim never shuts up?
Or are you one of those people who loves to know that they have made a difference? Who takes their pleasure from knowing that their input today really put a smile on someone’s face?
We are looking for men and women who want more from a job than stacking shelves. People-people who want to spend their days interacting and creating fun. We believe that feelings matter most and that it is our responsibility to ensure that our residents enjoy their lives. We are looking for people who share that vision.

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